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Schedules will be posted on this page once they are available. Please check our home page at Harding Sports Management for up to date notifications such as game changes or cancellations due to inclement weather. These announcements will be in the “Current Announcements” box towards the bottom left hand corner of our home page.

Failure to submit waiver & roster with valid U.S. Lacrosse membership will nullify league insurance.

Tourney Machine Schedule

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Rules of Play:

  • Games consist of 2 twenty minute running time half’s with a two minute halftime.

  • Teams have three minutes to take the field and start the next game.

  • A horn will sound to start the game, signify half time, start the second half and end the game.

  • Penalties will be time served.

  • There is one 30 second timeout per half, please keep in mind the clock does not stop.

  • There are NO timeouts in the last 2 minutes of the second half.

  • Substitutions are on the fly.

  • All penalties will be time served. Referee’s will keep the penalty time on the field.

  • Winning team must keep the ball in the box during the last two minutes of the game.

  • 3rd through 6th grade there are no one handed checks, no failure to advance & no stall warnings.

  • 3 Long poles are allowed on the field for 3rd/4th grade.

  • 4 Long poles are allowed for 5th grade and up.

  • 3rd through 6th grade runs New York State modified rules.

  • 7th through Varsity all High School rules apply.

  • Games are played rain or shine.